Important commissions include:

  • World Championship Bronze – “End of Trail”, Noro , CA

  • National Festival of the West – “Cowboy Spirit” bronze, Scottsdale, AZ

  • National Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting – “Arizona Ranger” bronze, Phoenix, AZ

R.C. Merrill's Personal Profile

R.C. Merrill is a native-born Arizonan and grandson of 1877 pioneer settlers.  He has a rich family history in western farming and ranching.  R.C.’s love of the land and its heritage is clearly manifested in his work.  In the 1890’s his grandfather, Orlando Merrill, made one of the richest “gold strikes” in Arizona history.  From this long line of western heritage it’s easy to see where his cowboy spirit comes from. Thirty years ago R.C.’s bronze sculptures were discovered by peers in the cattle, horse, and rodeo industry.  These western artisans became the first collectors of his works.

R.C. Merrill is comfortable in many mediums.  Authenticity in his work is a constant focus.  He painstakingly researches his subjects to ensure accuracy, both historically and anatomically.  His Miami, Arizona studio is a literal museum of western relics and memorabilia that serves both as an inspiration and as research material. R.C. Merrill bronzes can be found in museums and private collections throughout North America and other parts of the world.

Collectors of note include the following:

  • Gene Autry – movie star    
  • Rusty Richards – original member of the “Sons of the Pioneers” and former World Champion Bronco Rider  
  • Harry Carey, Jr. – movie star  
  • Ben Johnson – movie star  
  • Denver Pyle – movie and television star  
  • Herb Drinkwater – Mayor of Scottsdale, AZ  
  • Buck Taylor – movie and television star  
  • Jane Russell – movie star  
  • Lynn Anderson – country and western superstar  
  • Dennis Weaver – movie and television star  
  • Clint Walker – movie and television star  
  • Jack Palance – movie and television star   
  • Ernest Borgnine – Academy Award winner  
  • Roy Rogers Museum – Branson, MO.   
  • Rex Allen Museum – Wilcox, AZ.  
  • SASS Cowboy Hall of Fame – Gatlinburg, TX