The center piece of our offerings is the maquette of Adjutant P.C. Merrill sculpted by his lateral descendant R.C. Merrill.

  • This solid bronze sculpture weighs over 20 pounds
  • Height is over 20 in. and width from elbow to elbow is 9 in.
  • The native mesquite base is 2 1/4 in. tall and 9 in. wide.
  • The gun is over 14 in. long
  • A limited run of 100 numbered maquettes is being offered
  • The entire proceeds of all our sales will go towards the construction of a U.S. Army of the West - Mormon Battalion Monument in the Yuma West Wetlands Park 
  • Price - $3,000.00      


Sales price has been permanently reduced to $600.
  • The bust is cast from the original maquette mold
  • Height is 5 3/4 inches and width 8 in.
  • The native mesquite base is 2 1/4 inches tall and 9 inches wide and 4 3/4 inches deep.
  • The gun is over 14 in. long
  • A limited run of numbered busts will be offered


Also available are crisply minted collector's coins.

  • Coins are the size of a regular silver dollar and will be numbered.
  • Bronze coins (pictured) are $10.
  • Silver (1 oz. .999 silver) coins are $30.
  • Gold (2 oz. mint gold) coins - contact us for pricing.
  • Copper coins will be minted for Boys Scouts and Scout Leaders that participate in our annual Mormon Battalion Encampment and Eagle Scouts.
  • Numbered Proof sets of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Coins will be available for an estimated cost of $1500.

Bronze or Silver Bolo Tie 






Constitution of the United States Pamphlet

  • Contains the Constitution of the United States with Index.
  • Contains the Declaration of Independence.
  • Introduction by Ronal M. Mann, Deputy Director Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution.
  • Donated to our committee to assist us in raising funds to accomplish our goals by Bert Smith, grandson of Lot Smith who was the youngest member of the Battalion.
  • Price - $1.50 ($1 for the pamphlet & $0.50 for shipping)